Posts shall become elusive

Heads up that I’m now a full-time student and a full-time employee, which means I probably won’t be posting a whole lot for a while. Like a year or two. Hopefully I don’t totally fall off the blog planet because I do like writing, but something’s gotta give!

I’ll post updates on the pups over at ABT (like Rory’s recent major win! And Chaser’s first points!) and if anything interesting happens with my two doodles (my word for dogs, no relation to poodle crosses) I’ll try to post it. We don’t really do cool stuff though, mostly Wally tries to stop Josh from kissing me while Ava shoves toys against our legs. This is our normal.


Hey, pay attention to us! Stop educating yourself and PLAY WITH US.

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Articles I’ve Enjoyed Recently

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Articles I’ve Enjoyed Recently

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Articles I’ve Enjoyed Recently

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We’re cooking now


Chicken and beef with mixed veggies on the left, lamb and beef with mixed veggies on the right


Don’t let her fool you, she loves the food, too

Last year, seemingly out of the blue, Wally developed seborrhea. He never had the really nasty looking stuff but he did have the build-up of flakey material, cysts, and an oily coat. The thing is, though, that seborrhea is typically a secondary illness that develops due to some underlying primary illness, which can include food allergies. We had Wally tested for food allergies via Nutriscan and found out that he should be avoiding many common foods: turkey, pork, white fish, rice, wheat, corn, venison, rabbit, quinoa, potatoes, and barley. Although he was eating grain-free commercial foods many of them still contained one or more of these ingredients.


From my own experience I know that most medical professionals seriously downplay the impacts of food allergies and instead recommend environmental or pharmaceutical management. The specialist I saw prescribed me steroid inhalers and told me to get rid of my cat. Instead I stopped eating the foods I’m allergic to and I’ve been able to control my asthma, drug-free and with a cat, for five years! After trying the more conventional medical approach for Wally (medicated shampoo), mostly avoiding allergens, and occasionally cooking his food, he was improved but still not great. He no longer needed multiple baths a week but he still had numerous sebaceous cysts and chewed on his feet incessantly. It was time for a different approach!


Just ’cause she’s cute

At the recommendation of our vet we went to Dr. Watson at Big Valley Vet, an integrative vet who combines conventional medicine with alternative medicine. She recommended feeding 50% commercial grain-free food and 50% home cooked grain-free food (100% would be ideal but this was a good start). Wally also started TCM anti-inflammatory pills and continued getting salmon oil, probiotics, and a joint supplement. He received laser therapy for his spine, too, which may have helped clear up the skin on his back. Now it’s a month later and his coat is gorgeous, he’s far less itchy, he seldom chews his feet, he no longer has cysts, and we’ve only had to give him one or two medicated baths. Success!


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Sharing without scaring

Lately it seems that some of my favorite bloggers are thinking along the same lines, and it’s something I’ve struggled with for years: you might be right (or at least think you are) but you can’t change people through sheer force of will. Over the lifespan we tend to move from absolutist thinking (there’s only one right answer regardless of context) to relativism (there’s no universal truth, rather each point of view has it’s own truth). With the strong moral and ethical values often tied to the treatment and care of animals I think people often get stuck in absolutist thinking; I know I do! The problem is that, even if you’re absolutely right, nobody wants to be bludgeoned with knowledge. Additionally, nobody wants to be told they’re not just doing it wrong but they’re also morally or ethically wrong (“Not only are you saying I’m stupid, you’re also questioning my character!”).

When we “serious” dog people are trying to get others to align with our beliefs (i.e. positive reinforcement training, grain-free food, minimal or no vaccines, etc.) we’re essentially asking the other person to conform with our norms, and this happens in one of two ways. First, normative influence. In this case the person fears social rejection so they conform; this is the approach many of us take when we try to convince others to our way of thinking. Most of the time this leads to public conformity, that is, this person might seem to agree with you but their personal beliefs and thinking hasn’t changed.

The second path to conformity is informational influence and it’s much more likely to lead to private conformity, which occurs when the person changes their own way of thinking to align with yours. Basically people become convinced by available information that your norm is something they want to adopt. This is what we want! Unfortunately this is also what we think we’re doing when we “educate” people.

What’s the solution? I can only speak for myself, but before I adopt a new practice/belief  I want to learn about it, see it, and experience it. That means I’m going to seek out reasonable, unbiased information that describes both the benefits and the drawbacks. I’m also going to seek out the experiences of other to learn about their experiences. Finally, I might try it out for myself to see if I really agree with it before I fully adopt it. All of this requires excellent models, people who are willing to share all aspects of their knowledge and experience without trying to sell me on it.

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Happy birthday, Wally!

Wally turned 7 years old on Friday! I can’t believe he’s seven already, it seems like he was a rowdy one year old not that long ago. This little man is a source of so much joy in my life, I love him so much. I treasure up every moment I get with him.

I took the day off from work so I could spend alllll day with him (what he loves best!). First thing was a bath, which doesn’t seem that great but he feels so good afterward and races around the house rubbing on everything. Then I let him ride loose in the car while I ran errands (our guilty pleasure) and took him for a hike, just the two of us. I bought some cupcakes at the local artisanal bakery and let him (and Ava) have half of one after his dinner of salmon and roasted broccoli. Sure, the sugar is just as bad for them as it is for us, but it was his birthday! Both he and Ava insisted that they should have another. ;-) His only physical present was a new bush to pee on but since he loves to open presents I made up a bunch of gift bags for him. He loved it! Overall, it was a wonderful birthday. It gave me so much pleasure to make his day.






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Articles I’ve Enjoyed Recently

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