Playing tug with the flirtpole

Not exactly how you’re supposed to play with this toy, but I always encourage thinking outside the box ;)

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The beginning of a beautiful addiction

Did you know that straw bales are shockingly expensive? They’re about $10 a bale! Granted these are 3-string bales so a bit bigger than average, but still. I remember the days when straw was a few bucks a bale. I must be getting old!

I picked these babies up to let the dogs practice tunnels and climbing, but now that we’re in Open they also need to practice searching a little more thoroughly. Since we don’t have rats (yet…) I’ve been hiding treats in the crevices and under piles of straw to encourage exploration. ;)

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Fiona’s Instinct run at River Rat Barn Hunt

Thanks to Joan Walker for capturing this for us!

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Sunday funday

Josh and I took the dogs over to the Gig Harbor Kennel Club show to make an appearance and watch a few breed rings. I had just stripped the dogs so neither was entered, but it had been over a year since I went to a show! We caught the BT ring then wandered over to watch Dobermans and Irish Wolfhounds. I have to say that I do like the Kitsap Fairgrounds venue much better than the Mason Fairgrounds, plus it’s a mere 10min away for me. :)

Sadly there was only one IW entered but he was a beautiful dog with a very sweet temperament. Both dogs met him, Wally going bonkers wanting to play and Fiona basically saying “Hi” but being more interested in food. Typical. We’re looking into adding an IW to the family next year so are trying to get to know some local breeders. I have to say it was nice to see my dogs adjust to such an enormous dog so quickly; my Cane Corso was terrified of the English Mastiff she met! We also go to meet some lovely folks who may be interested in a BT puppy from our first litter, planned for next year. It was an exciting day!

Wally & Fiona

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Wally update

After 3 days of anti-inflammatories and painkillers, Wally is good as new. It’s such a relief to have him back to his obnoxiously active, tail-wagging, happy self! You have no idea how weird it is to see your dog go from tail up and wagging nearly 100% of the time to a motionless tail. It just reinforced that body language truly is a huge part of how we communicate with our dogs.

But we’re back baby!

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Poor boy

Today Wally had the dubious honor of spending the day at the vet — last night he somehow sprained his tail. I have no idea how he did it (probably just being his crazy self and whacking it on something), but the change in his demeanor was so dramatic that it scared me! Usually he’s bouncy, happy, and “up”. After it happened he was tense, restless, and moved stiffly though without lameness. He wouldn’t move his tail, his ears were tucked back, and his back was slightly hunched.

Now, to some people this might have seemed like no big deal. He let me palpate his tail and entire body without complaint, so it must not be that bad, right? This is where knowing your dog makes all the difference! I know Wally, so I immediately knew that something was terribly wrong. It became clear that although he was still jumping on furniture and eating ravenously, he was in a great deal of pain. I talked to one of my dog friends about it (his auntie) and she told me a story about her Flat-Coat pulling a muscle in his back and the only symptom was stress panting.

Fortunately it’s just a sprain, which is exactly what I was hoping for (it sure beats a broken tail). We got our painkillers and anti-inflammatory meds, then headed home to take a nap.

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Home, then back again

I should have posted this video two weeks ago, but life and other excuses. For 6 weeks I was in VA for work, then came back for 2 weeks. This is a super adorable video of the dogs’ reactions when I walked in the door.

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