Puppy breath = heaven

06 Mar
Puppy breath = heaven

Yesterday we got to spend 2 hours with the puppies and even after washing my hands I still smelled like puppy. I love it. Apparently they’re huge! Marion and Wayne used to breed Rottweilers and said these pups are as big as newborn Rotties. (Holy moly!) There is one little boy, now called Little Dave after their vet, who had to make an emergency vet visit upon birth. The placentas were so tight that part of his intestines got sucked into his umbilical cord, giving him a hernia of sorts. Only, worse than a hernia, his intestines were exposed to the world (dirty place that it is). Luckily they were able to disinfect everything and stitch him up; he’s doing just fine!

Tweed is a wonderful mama, very active in the care of her babies. Perhaps a little overwhelmed too since Marion said she walked in one day to see Tweed had tucked herself under the blankets in the puppy pen, and was apparently taking a break. She was a complete sweetheart with Isk and I, and I’m so happy to have her raising my puppy. Good mom’s make good babies, in both genetics and temperament.

Harley was at 4H agility practice when we arrived but came home before we left, so we got to see dad too. He was stoked, bouncing from chair to chair and grabbing different toys along the way! Obviously he was the coolest kid on the block since he got to do agility. :) Harris got to visit a little too, going all puppy crazy with delirious joy when he realized he knew me. He does this thing where he stands on his hind legs with his back against your leg, pawing up at you, and then spins in a circle when you pet him. I love this guy! Who am I kidding, I love all of their dogs. Kilcreggan Border Terriers rock!

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