11 days old!

13 Mar
11 days old!

We had our second visit today, the puppies are huge! They’ve doubled in size and are just starting to open their eyes. Next week they’ll be all eyes and yippy yappy as they discover their voices. I still can’t believe how huge they are! And such blocky little heads, they’re going to be spectacular. Marion was saying this is the litter they’ve been hoping for since they got into Borders, and I know we are so incredibly lucky to get one of these little rockstars!

Right now I don’t really know who’s who, but I’m starting to like the chubby guy who likes to lay on his back. And the girl. There was one male who sucked on my finger so hard I could drag him across my lap! That’s determination for you. :)

They almost look like bunnies when their ears are up like this :)


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