Padding the Shelves: Raising A Champion

20 Mar
Padding the Shelves: Raising A Champion

When it comes to Amazon I should be in a self-help group, I have no self-control! Especially when it comes to dog books! I have several wishlists on Amazon and the dog one has been growing for years. I managed to prevent myself from buying the whole dang thing but now that a puppy is on the way I’ve allowed myself to pick a few things here and there. Like the passel of books I snagged last week, plus a Susan Garrett DVD. :)

This weekend I finished up Raising a Champion. As a showing noob this book answered every question I imagined or was afraid to ask. They went over how shows work, how to train your puppy, what to do at the show, how to track points…everything! If you’re planning to show your puppy definitely pick this up to complement your handling classes. In my experience handling classes don’t train you how to train your puppy; instead they provide the opportunity to practice in a show-like setting and fine tune your skills. So before you take advantage of handling classes be sure you’re practicing your handling skills at home. And since most handling classes require your puppy to be at least 12 or 14 weeks you’d be wasting precious time if you waited 4-6 weeks after getting your puppy to start practicing your craft. The training instructions are simple and easy, although I have to admit I haven’t been able to use them yet. Gotta wait another 4 or 5 weeks! :)

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