PDFC 2011 – Day 1

26 Mar
PDFC 2011 – Day 1

The Peninsula Dog Fancier’s Club (PDFC) show is definitely our most local show, and now that I live in Bremerton it’s even in my town! I’ve always loved this show because it’s fun and laidback. Sure, it’s a little chaotic since there are no mats in the rings and it’s in a giant sheet metal building. But it’s my favorite show yet,which probably isn’t saying much since I’ve only ever gone to PDFC and Puyallup. Whatevs.

I don’t even have the LBD yet but several of my friends were showing today so I happily showed up at 8am to begin the day with Raven and her GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer) Seven. I absolutely love Seven and Raven’s pretty awesome herself. Seven already has his CH and GCH titles so they’re going for the gold: BOB, Group, and BIS. I believe Raven has her eye on Eukanuba. Here’s a video of their class today…

Next up was Sandi and Coal, her Flat-Coated Retriever. This was Coal’s first show (Sandi’s first in a while) and they haven’t been practicing handling long, but they did great! He was super happy and didn’t lay down any body slams. :) Here’s video of Coal and Sandi doing their thang

In between Flats and Border Terriers Isaac and I chatted with some really friendly Irish Wolfhound people. I already love those dogs, and now Isaac does too. Ha! My devious plan to one day own an IW has been set in motion! One day being at least 5 years from now.

Last we had Border Terriers. Wayne handled his own Harris and also Sherri’s Dunkin. Harris didn’t do anything special, but he’s still learning and definitely making progress. Dunkin got BOB, not sure how he did in Group since we left before they judged. Video of Harris and Dunkin!

It was a long day, but totally fantastic. Isaac and I won one of the raffles for a basket filled with puppy goodies (score!) and chatted with tons of people. Not only did I see people I know, but I made some great new friends. I love dog shows!

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