Padding the Shelves: Play Together, Stay Together

10 Apr
Padding the Shelves: Play Together, Stay Together

I’m a huge fan of Patricia McConnell and whenever I have an excuse to pick up one of her books I take it. Her book The Other End of the Leash is #1 on my list of awesome dog books so I assumed, of course, that Play Together, Stay Together would be equally awesome. I was not disappointed! Obviously this book is narrower in scope but the information is just as valuable. They explain the benefits of play, how to keep play safe and constructive, and numerous ways to sneak “real” training into your play time. For example, how to teach come by playing chase. I’m the kind of person who likes everything laid out in easy steps with the background info to understand why, and this book does just that. You’ll learn how to play games like chase, tug, fetch, and hide & seek, not to mention more complex tricks like Aren’t You Ashamed of Yourself? and I Need a Hanky. I can’t wait to teach LBD some tricks and play some of these games!


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