Padding the Shelves: Puppy Puzzle (DVD)

14 Apr

This afternoon I finally watched Pat Hastings’ Puppy Puzzle DVD. Years ago I’d heard of the Hastings method for evaluating puppies and had read about it on the interwebs, but I’ve never actually seen it done. Since our LBD will be testing the waters in both conformation and performance I figured this DVD would at least help me know what to look for. While primarily directed at breeders there’s still plenty of good info for the puppy buyer. Aside from learning how to do the evaluation (which you probably won’t do) you’ll also learn about what to look for structurally and how different structural relationships affect each other. For example, a soft topline is typically caused by front assembly issues while a roached back is often cause by rear assembly issues. Since I have a background in horses a lot of the angulation info wasn’t new to me, but there were tons of tips that were new to me. Like how to tell if the puppy’s head will develop proportionally or whether the puppy will paddle with his front legs when he matures. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to understand structure and movement!

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