Wally is finally here!

28 Apr
Wally is finally here!

Imagine as a small child you and your four siblings were taken from your parents and each placed into the home of a distant relative you had only met at a few family reunions. They were incredibly nice to you, giving you cookies and toys and gently teaching you the rules of the house, but you had no idea why your real family had disappeared and didn’t quite know what to make of your new “parents”. That’s probably how Wally feels right now. Last night we finally got to bring him home, and just in the nick of time. Marion decided this morning to keep all the others until they’re 12 weeks. I don’t think I could have waited!

Wally is a really wonderful little guy. The car ride home was uneventful after I tossed a bully chew in the carrier, but when we got home it was painfully obvious that he wasn’t sure if he should trust us. We’re strange people in a strange house! It’s one thing when we’re visiting and he’s with his siblings in the home they were born in, but it’s quite another when he suddenly finds himself alone in a totally new environment. After the initial shock he settled right in and got a case of the zoomies, racing around the living room and in his x-pen.


The first training lesson was charging the clicker, which was a great success. After a few clicks he had it all figured out and even tried to snare the clicker a few times to click and reward himself. Smart puppy! Last night we also worked on come (just clicking when he chases us) and the whole potty thing. First thing, he pooped in the x-pen because we weren’t watching close enough and after that we were hyper vigilant. Well, I was. Isaac has bowed to the enormity of my obsession and is only planning to fill my shoes when I’m not available. And they’re big shoes to fill (figuratively speaking of course).

First he was a shoulder puppy, then a pirate parrot

This morning I worked on “attention”, just clicking anytime he looked at my face. We also worked on walking on leash while out in the yard. He’s picking up on everything pretty quickly, which isn’t unexpected but it’s always a little surprising to see how fast they learn. This evening I had planned to work on stand, targeting with the nose, leave it, and spin but somebody fed the little beasty and he wasn’t hungry enough to be bothered by treats. He actually turned down food. I think my Border is broken! ;)

Sleeps upside down, just like half-brother Harris

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