Weekend 1 part II

02 May
Weekend 1 part II

Saturday was less eventful since Isaac and I went to a wedding, but since Sunday was so gorgeous we wore Wally out taking him places. When it’s warm enough to get a touch of sunburn on your nose in April people in Washington go insane, getting drunk on sunshine. The morning started with a drive to Lowe’s where I carried him through the garden center and asked people to feed him treats. Since it was so sunny and people have that gardening itch we had no problem finding willing participants. I think he met at least 10 people, and we even ran into a couple who live in our neighborhood. The wife had seen Wally in the yard as they drove by on Thursday and made her husband turn around so she could get a better look at the adorable beast. By the time we left Lowe’s Wally was beat and took a looong nap while we ate lunch.

The boys slept in on Sunday

We have a corner lot 1940’s home that at one point was fenced, but poorly. So we tore out the rusty chain-link fence and went about rebuilding a bigger, better retaining wall before re-fencing. This process is taking months longer than expected due to various health and weather issues, not to mention the supposed “one man” rocks being more like “excavator required” rocks. As much as we wanted to play with Wally we had to work on the wall, so he got to have an x-pen resort experience in the grass and survey us while we slaved away. And in spite of obviously being too hot he refused to lay in the shady spot I provided, instead preferring to bake in the sun. Animals are ridiculous.

According to a woman at Lowe's, this is the face of a Pit Bull

Finally we come to his last weekend adventure: going to grandma’s house. It’s weird to call my mom grandma, I’m not sure I like it. Makes me feel old! But I digress. After smashing my shin with an engine hoist and changing our filthy clothes we went to my mom’s for dinner and some play time. This was a big deal because Wally would meet Quincy, my cat. Quincy was the first cat of Wally’s life, so it had to be a good experience. Fortunately it was uneventful, although they’re definitely not buddy-buddy. Quincy isn’t a dog-lover so it’s going to be a long time before that happens.

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One response to “Weekend 1 part II

  1. Marion Bond

    May 3, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Wonderful beginning to a life full of adventure for the little brown dog. Thank you for sharing. Cant wait to see what he does next

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