The terrible twos (as in months, not years)

03 May

Have you ever had a toddler that was caught between exhaustion and pig-headedness?I haven’t, but I imagine Wally behaves exactly like that toddler when he’s tired.

He wants to eat you and everything you're wearing when he's in brat phase

Just like a child he loses some of his inhibitions and gets more nippy as he has bouts of zoomies followed by brief periods of collapse. Then it turns into a bad case of the Goldilocks’: this spot’s too hot, this one too cold, that one too high, that one too noisy. You try to help out by fluffing a blanket or turning down the TV but in the end he stubbornly finds his own spots to reject until, finally, he throws his paws up in defeat, literally. His preferred position of sleep is upside down.

The nice thing about Wally is that once he’s down he’s basically done for the night. Sure, he might get a little rowdy after you take him out for his last pee but if you just put him to bed he’ll settle in with only a little fuss. I’ve found it’s best to leave a chewy in the crate or x-pen at all times. If he insists on staying up the least he can do is entertain himself!

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