Let’s get it started in hee-uh!

05 May

Yesterday Wally got to go back to his breeder’s for a visit. It’s wonderful having them 10min away! Equally awesome is that his littermates are all still there since they’re being held onto until 12 weeks of age. This turned out to be a huge benefit in two ways.

First, they totally wore him out and he was pooped last night. So pooped that when I picked him up to go to bed I had to support his head, he couldn’t hold it up! Second, just that one week away from other dogs seems to have led to a lapse in his doggy manners. Being back around his mom and siblings seemed to knock a little sense into him. I’m definitely going to take him over there at least once a week. When you find something that wears them out you repeat as often as possible!

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One response to “Let’s get it started in hee-uh!

  1. Marion Bond

    May 6, 2011 at 7:51 am

    They had a lot of fun! The rest of the litter were tired also.

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