Oprah, how do you train bumblebees?

06 May
Oprah, how do you train bumblebees?

Training insights can come from the most unexpected sources. Like Oprah!

In one of Oprah’s recent magazine issues there was a focus on decision-making and how you can improve your ability to make decisions, large or small. A key component to making a decision you’re happy with (the right decision, in other words) is that you have to decrease options by increasing criteria.

Have you ever had one of those “ah ha!” moments when you find the words that speak right to your lizard brain? I just sat there with my epiphany and pondered it for a moment. It’s so easy to forget to increase your criteria when training. You get stuck in a rut without even realizing it and your dog just keeps offering the behaviors you don’t want (at least not right now). He has too many options!

I’ve been working on “stand” with Wally and although I didn’t completely forget to increase criteria, I think I did it too slowly. He went from standing pretty well (tho not on command yet) to completely spazzing out and losing interest. He’s still getting it, but I guess I haven’t made this game fun enough because everything else is way cooler to Wally. It’s like trying to train a bumblebee.

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