The walking dead

06 May

Ugh, thank god I kept a couple 20oz cups at my desk or I’d be stuck with 8oz cups of tea this morning. Poor Wallbanger had a rough night last night, and you know how puppies love to share.

For no apparent reason Wally developed the squirts yesterday afternoon and his misery continued through the night and into the morning. Why? No clue. We don’t think it’s his food, but with the vet visit yesterday maybe it was a combo of stress, vaccination, and dewormer.

On top of this he got the heaves too, so he was on the verge of puking all night until he finally did at 5am. Again, no idea. We’re wondering if someone tossed something in the yard that he ate and that didn’t agree with him.

The good news is that although he’s tired (and who wouldn’t be), he doesn’t seem lethargic or ill. Plus he ate half of his breakfast, a good sign. I’m taking a half day from work so we’ll see how much water he drank. If this isn’t resolved by tomorrow morning we’re looking at a vet visit. :l

Update: Marion saved the day! First, she put my mind to rest by reassuring me it was just the dewormer. Then she offers me a miracle elixir, basically doggy Metamucil. Phew.

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