Life lessons

20 Jun

Watering cans are pretty innocuous things that usually don’t get a second glance. Our watering can, however, is a little different.

Not again...

A few weeks ago Wally and I had just gotten back from our afternoon walk on a warm day (hot if you live in the Seattle area, it was 70F) and were walking up the front steps. Per the usual I was opening the front door while Wally did whatever suited him on the front porch. Apparently it suited him to shove his head into the watering can opening, hoping for a drink of water. By the time I turned around he was racing around the porch in a panic with the can stuck to his head!

After I pulled the can off his head Wally just stared at it from a safe distance and avoided it for the next week or so. Now he approaches it gingerly, exactly like he does cats. Live and learn buddy!

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