Joie de vivre

24 Jun

Dogs are great at teaching you to swallow your pride. They lick their balls while you say “Down!” in front of the crowd you just bragged to about his snappy response. They pee in the corner right after you marvel to your partner that he hasn’t had an accident in a week.*  No matter how trained Wally is, he’ll always want to chase seagulls, carry pine cones, and play in dirt piles. Sometimes, GASP, he’ll do those things when I don’t want him to. C’est la vie! If I wanted a perfect dog I would have gotten a Sony Aibo.

One of the things I just love about Wally is his pure joy for life. Flowers! Toys! Belly rubs! SQUIRREL! He can have the most amazing fun with a stick in the yard. On sunny days it’s obvious that sunbathing is simply the only thing you should be doing. Even when we train his enthusiasm is hilarious as he throws any and everything at me in an attempt to get a click.

The lesson here is to stop taking ourselves so seriously and enjoy this world we live in. There are so many fascinating things we humans don’t even notice as we scurry through our day or focus on that perfect retrieve. Take a moment to stop and eat the tulips, why dontcha.

*These are purely examples of course, Wally would never do such things. Possibly variations… ;)

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