Product Review: Bamboo Silicone Pop-up Bowls

01 Jul

A month or so ago we had a parade the three of us were walking in, and it was projected to be a hot day (OK so it was just 75F, but even Wally thought it was hot!). Since carrying around a water bowl is inconvenient and giving Wally water straight from the bottle is wasteful and sneeze-inducing we decided to pick up a collapsible bowl. I’ve never liked the Outward Hound bowls because they’re so flimsy, so I was ecstatic to see these colorful and collapsible bowls at our local pet store!

Not only are these fun to use (we’re easily entertained) but they are super simple to pack and carry. Isaac can easily slip the 1 cup model into his cargo shorts or I can toss it in my purse. Plus it’s easy to wash and I like the non-floppiness. Apparently it also comes in a 3 cup size for you larger canines. I’m not sure about any potential allergic reactions to silicone, but we don’t use it daily so we haven’t had a problem.

Definitely my new favorite gidget!

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