07 Jul

One of the best things about having a dog is that it opens up a whole ‘nother realm of activities, at least for me. Perhaps I’m a weirdo, but I just don’t see the point of going for a walk without a dog. Or going hiking. Sure, I live in beautiful Washington with mountains and stuff but have I gone for a hike in the 5 years between Stella and Wally? Other than a leisurely stroll on a trail at Lake Cushman, no.

With this (possibly flawed) logic I was thus delighted to get Wally and once again enjoy the outdoors. Puppies can trick you, though, with their seemingly boundless energy and rough’n’tumble attitude.They runrunrun all over the place only to collapse in a pile of cuteness and twitch their toes as they nap for a couple hours.

I would love to take Wally running with me (heck, maybe I’d do more running) but with his soft little bones and developing ligaments I have to wait until he’s a year old. Which is a bummer since my chiropractor turned me on to the Whale of a Run coming up on July 30 and I plan to enter as a personal challenge (I’m not really a runner you see, just on and off). Maybe next year Wally can be my personal trainer.

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