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16 Jul

Sometimes Wally is shockingly handsome. It always takes me by surprise that he’s so blatantly gorgeous because most of the time I think of him as overwhelmingly adorable. The kind of adorable that makes me grit my teeth and squint my eyes as I scratch his ears while he flops on his side. I took the above photo earlier this week when we went to the fairgrounds for some romping and I swear he looks like a superhero.

Today we stopped at the Mudpack Agility Trial in Port Gamble to visit friends and get Wally out for adventure. At first he was predictably annoying, barking at every dog and trying to play with them all. We saw another Border (not nearly as handsome as Wally, duh) and then a couple of women let us introduce Wally to their 4mo Cocker puppies. The Cockers weren’t too impressed and the male actually bit Isaac on the leg trying to get Wally! Wally did really well though and settled down into a nice, non-embarrassing puppy. He also got to meet Chica, our trainer Noel’s Chihuahua, which went off without a hitch.

It’s going to take a lot of work and visits to place like Petsmart, but we’re determined to have a Wally that’s calm and pleasant around other dogs. Mostly he needs more confidence and lots more exposure, plus a lot of tasty meat treats. Yeah, no lousy liver for Wally. The only thing that comes between him and another dog is pure cooked meat. Right now we’re using smoked brisket. The title ‘Little Prince’ goes to Sir Walter Greendown.

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