Reality check

21 Jul

By popular demand, Mr Handsome

Since the local handling class is cancelled until Sept (perfectly horrible timing on their part!) Wayne threw together a ‘class’ so that he could work Jazzy and I can work Wally. Really it’s just Wayne critiquing us as we practice handling, which is perfect for Wally and me since Wayne knows Borders (obviously). Sandi and Coal were there too. They got their first points in Redmond, OR a couple weeks ago, yay!

Yesterday was our first class and at first Wally was obnoxious. He saw Sandi and instantly yodeled of his love for her. He didn’t react excessively to Jazzy or Coal tho, so that was a plus. No crazy barking! He was all aces on the table but as soon as we gaited he turned into Balto. It took most of the class, but near the end he was finally gaiting like a normal dog and I could stop worrying that he would choke to death. He stacked on the ground OK, better at the beginning than the end. I think he was getting bored, which is no surprise given we were there for an hour. Overall we did well!

Entering the Sept show in St Helens, OR has made the whole Specialty thing more real. I guess going to a show in OR is easier for my brain to grasp then going to a Specialty in Arizona. The monumentalness of the Specialty must be overwhelming my brain, like how you don’t really know what a billion dollars is. Anyway, this means that the things I’ve been meaning to do, I’m actually doing! Every morning — well, it’s only been 2 days, but every morning from now on! — we work on the table and floor stacking for 10min or so. And every evening — starting tomorrow — we’re going to practice gaiting, free stacking, and outdoor ground stacking. Already Wally is doing much better, so hopefully by Sept we’ll be kicking ass and taking names. Boo-ya!

Ridiculous stories to come, Wally is clearly outgrowing our small bathroom…

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