Saturday sunshine

23 Jul

Today was not exciting, but judging by Wally’s state of passed out-ness it was a big day for him!

This morning he was full of piss and vinegar, racing around the house and barking at the door to go on a walk. So after breakfast we took him to the Bremerton High School track and let him run around. The best way to take the edge off is to do long distance “come” calls, and we’re up to about 80 yards. This is with no dogs nearby, but some people. Not bad for a 5mo puppy! We’ll see if it maintains when his balls take over all mental processes.

It didn’t take long for him to decide he was done (maybe 7min of all out running) and then we walked him around the OC campus. It was kind of weird to see all the new, shiny buildings that had replaced the old, bunker-style buildings I’d taken classes in. But it was fun to walk around and say “I took a pottery class in there, and a philosophy class there…”

Our next stop was Lowe’s for some pipe and a sprinkler. The sprinkler is 50% for Wally to play in and 50% to water the yard. The pipe is to install the new water heater we got on clearance a while ago, which Isaac hasn’t been able to install due to his effed up arm being agonizingly painful. Hopefully tomorrow the kitchen will be minus a gigantic water heater!

Just with these activities Wally considered it a big day, but then we decided we had to have afternoon beers. The local beer festival sounded good until we found out it was $20 a head for entry (!!) and dogs weren’t allowed. Scratch that! It was off to Hale’s Ales, a place with terrible food but pretty good beer and an outdoor patio. Wally was pretty antsy the whole time, probably because he had refused to poop up until that point. By beer two we knew he was ready to pop (we long ago learned the physiological signs of impending poop) and we predicted it on the nail.

Since I had ordered a couple things that went to my mom’s address we stopped over there for a little while. Wally did really well around my cat Quincy, who lives with my mom since he’s almost 15 and likes being an only child. There was very little barking and Quincy even chose to walk by Wally without trying to pound some sense into him. I think this was largely because Wally, for the first time ever, didn’t bark at Quincy and just sniffed him curiously. Smart Wally. Quincy is more than happy to chase and attack dogs; just because he’s neutered doesn’t mean he has no balls!

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