30 Jul

All week I’ve been exhausted and trying laboriously to get extra sleep (it hasn’t happened). I only wish it was because I did something super awesome and stayed out late being cool. Unfortunately it’s because my neighbor sucks and is an irresponsible dog owner.

Our neighbor has two Dobies and a RottX; while the RottX is mostly silent (but quietly INSANE), the Dobies never shut up and the female is pretty aggressive. And to top it all off they apparently have bladders the size of a Goldfinch’s. Between the tiny bladders and the utter absence of exercise these dogs spend a lot of time in the backyard, which is chainlink on our property line. Yay, they can see us and bark at us. And not just us, all the people that walk down our frequently walked down street. Double yay.

Monday morning at 4:30am (a time when even my phone says it’s still night) the damn dogs are out there barking like lunatics. I can tell from the tone they’re not barking because somebody walked by on the way to PSNS. They’re playing. And the barking goes on for twenty flipping minutes before the neighbor FINALLY takes them in the house. Does she have the ability to sleep through natural disasters or something? Or does she really think it’s acceptable to let her dogs bark before 8am? This isn’t even the first time this has happened, and on more than one occasion I’ve called her at ridiculoustime A.M. to complain.

As far as I’m concerned neither you nor your dog nor your lawn mower make noise between the hours of 11pm and 7am on a weekday. I’m even being generous I think! Of course, this is the same neighbor who forgot to read the page in the dog training manual where it says “do not needlessly and endlessly repeat a command that your dog is not responding to.” Just yesterday morning I listened to her first call the dogs a dozen times, then whistle a dozen times, then shake a can of coins a dozen times. All with the dogs patently ignoring her. Obviously a sane person would go get the dogs.

Le sigh. I’m not perfect, but come on! Try to respect your neighbors and their precious sleep!

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