Wally’s got a girlfriend

04 Aug

Let me start by saying that Wally ROCKED at handling class last night. This was in large part because he was worn out after playing with Coal all day at Sandi’s. I’m sincerely hoping Sandi will want to do Wally daycare again since everybody had a great time (except Sandi, when Wally pottied on the rug; bad Wally, now I owe her numerous baked goods instead of only a couple).

Wally was a superstar, gaiting calmly and stacking perfectly. He even looks like he’s in the fledgling stages of free stacking himself! I must say I’m extremely proud of him, and I guess I should be proud of myself too. Granted, Wally is kind of a natural at stacking but I worked hard to get him where he is. So I’m going to take credit and hope that it all pays off in St Helens, OR.

A little into the class hour Tobi showed up and said she was waiting for a mastiff that she was going to handle. Tobi works at Wheaton Way Vet and is super awesome. She also breeds and shows Springers, so she always has good tips when we take Wally to the vet. When Bella the Mastiff showed up Wally’s eyes got huge as his thought bubble said “hubba hubba!” Thought bubbles like this don’t actually originate in the brain, so imagine the arrow part of the bubble starting near his butt.

After class Tobi wanted to introduce her friend to Wally, which of course meant that Wally got to meet Bella. They immediately fell in love and started to play with each other, Wally throwing out playbows that were met with equally enthusiastic and gigantic playbows from Bella. Wally is approximately one million times more nimble than Bella, so he did a lot more wheeling and dealing. The good thing is that I was able to control his barking (which was already pretty minimal) by having him ‘down’ every time he got barky, then releasing him with ”ok, go visit’ when he settled. I wish I had pix of this encounter, but sadly I do not.

Knowing Wally this infatuation will only last until some other hot bitch rolls up. [See, when you have dogs you can say bitch and not be swearing.] What a player!

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