Rock and a hard place

07 Aug

Wally had an…interesting…experience today. We took him to the 26th LD BBQ (where Isaac make some kickass BBQ pulled pork) and he was extremely well behaved! He was quiet, calm, and everyone loved him. Well, almost everyone.

There was one woman in a wheelchair who thought Wally was just adorable. Wally and I happened to walk by her and she wanted to pet him. So she reached down and petted him, no biggie. He was calm, she was happy. Then suddenly her wheelchair tipped forward (it’s was on a slight hill) and she fell out of it. By reflex I put my arm out to stop her fall, but she just collapsed onto the ground anyway and started screaming.

I had no idea what to do: was she hurt? Did she break something? I didn’t know what condition she had so for all I knew she broke a leg in the fall. Wally didn’t know what was going on either, and he decided that the best course of action was to jump up and kiss her. I agree that this seemed completely logical from his POV: she was at his level and making a bunch of noise.

So here I am restraining a dog in one hand and holding a screaming invalid in the other, when finally the woman’s husband came over and helped her up. Apparently there was nothing wrong with her, she just got scared and was possibly too weak to help herself.

It was a weird moment, one where I was positive some people thought Wally had done something heinous. But nobody said anything negative, and one woman even made sure to say that Wally hadn’t done anything wrong. Wally didn’t seem affected by it, which is good since someday we may do therapy work and he can’t be afraid of wheelchairs or old people!

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