20 Aug

As you can see it is Wally’s destiny to be #1; it’s right there on his chest!

Wayne keeps saying “Oh yeah, he could totally win BOB from the puppy class.” Way to get my hopes up Wayne! Oh, and turn on the pressure. :-p If we can keep up the good work I don’t doubt that we’ll be competitive, and it would be SO COOL if we won BOB at our first show! Not to mention all those coveted points we would win!

The other day I got this glimpse of Wally as an adult and realized “Whoa… Wally is going to be someone to contend with.” Suddenly I pictured him cleaning up in agility and earning a UD title, maybe even campaigning around the country if I can afford it. Then he shoved his head under my arm, mouth open and tongue lolling, and the vision disappeared leaving a silly Wally-dog in it’s wake.

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