We ain’t beggars

27 Aug

Doesn’t it seem like it takes forever for a show to release the schedule and entry breakdown? Until you get these things you don’t know when your class is or how many points are up for grabs. Even entering a show is a gamble since you don’t know if there will be anyone to compete against until after you’ve paid. Sometimes you will lose that $28 entry fee because it’s just not worth showing up. Like next Sunday.

We’re entered in both days of the Longview-Kelso show next weekend so Wally and I can get some ringtime before hitting the National Specialty. Based on last year’s entry I figured that if we somehow managed to win BOB we could pick up some decent points. Rose colored glasses and all that. ;)

Cool as a cucumber

This year there are even fewer Borders! Apparently on Sat there will be Wally, one other male Border, and Jazzy; no specials whatsoever. This would give us a grand total of 1 point! Nothing to brag about. Sunday is even worse since Jazzy won’t be there, so just Wally and the other dog (if they even show up) and the chance for 1 lonely point. No specials all weekend, what’s the haps Border people? Is this a crappy show or something?

Sure, a point is a point. But why spend the cash on a hotel for two nights when it’s all for one measly point per day? Are two puny points worth $160 for two nights in a hotel? Maybe if we were desperate, but we’re not beggars so we’re gonna be choosers. We’ve decided to skip out on Sun altogether and just head down Sat in the early morning. Guess we’ll have an extra $160 to play with in Vegas, woohoo!

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