Teaching “leave it”

29 Aug

In a previous post I talked about self-control, and the behavior “leave it” is a perfect way to develop that skill. Asking Wally to “leave it” is actually pretty entertaining! Let’s say I drop a piece of ham on the floor and say “leave it”. In the seconds before my cue sinks in Wally will make a nosedive for the food. But just before he hits it the cue will sink in and he’ll scoot back into a sit or down, looking at the food sideways as he waits for me to release him. He even makes weird faces like he’s disgusted with this food he can’t eat, and for some reason he’ll never look directly at the food for very long. I must have inadvertently trained that!

You disgust me, scone pieces I can't eat

“Leave it” is super simple to train and comes in handy too! He’ll have self-control AND he won’t eat the nasty dead squirrel under the bushes. Plus it give you enough time to snatch the dropped food, blow it off, and eat it yourself. Five second rule and all. :)

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Kikopup: Teaching leave it with yakisoba *evil laugh*
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