Are we going to an 80’s party?

02 Sep

Wait a sec, tomorrow is Sept 3? What do you mean it’s time for our first show already!? And that means we leave for Vegas in a week. September was this mental milestone for me, the big month where everything happens off in the distant future somewhere. Only the future is now, and suddenly here it is!

You know what this means? Today is Wally’s half birthday! Yaaaaaay!

Now it really does matter if Wally keeps his cool. Now it really will make a difference if I stack his toes a little off center. And now I have to pick out show outfits.

What the heck is with female handlers and their funky clothes? I swear they look stuck in the 80’s: big hair, shoulder pads, long skirts, bright colors. You’re supposed to look professional, not dated! The men don’t have it too bad, suits don’t change much. But the women? YIKES!

I’m going to play it safe and bring a blazer, but I’m planning to wear what I normally wear to work: slacks and a nice shirt. No power suits but it looks good and I’ll feel comfortable. The last thing I want to worry about it my clothes!

Oh, and I’ve decided no skirts ever. More than once I’ve seen female handlers unknowingly flash the goods to all onlookers. Well, I assume it’s unknowingly. You just never know for sure!  The LAST thing I want to worry about is pulling a Britney Spears. (Just to clarify, I do not go commando as does Miz Spears.)

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