Kicking ass and taking names

03 Sep

At the tender age of 6mo 1d Wally now has his very first point! Only 14 more to go!

First in class, WD, BOS

It was weird to be at a show as a competitor instead of just a spectator, and I did get a little nervous right before we went in. Thank god for Wayne and the helpful people ringside, I would have felt so lost without them!

We were the only dog in our class so we won that of course. Wally did fantastic, gaiting and taking the table like a pro. Next came Winner’s Dog, which we took over a male who was just 2 days from 9mo and already huge. Wally did a little pulling when we gaited but I slowed him, got him collected, and started again.  Finally was BOB. Jazzy ended up taking BOB, which Wayne insisted was a “crossover point” from the judge so that both Wally and Jazzy would get a point. Otherwise Jazzy would have had no points to show for her effort.

Working the table

Positives: Wally hand stacked well, gaited very well, table stacked like a pro. I did a good job staying relaxed and taking my time, not rushing.

Need to work on: I need to increase my speed when gaiting and keep Wally on a shorter leash (he dipped his head several times). With time I’ll gain the confidence and comfort level to be able to stay mindful in the ring and retain the judge’s instruction (she asked for a free stack and I auto-pilot hand stacked).

Overall I’m ecstatic over the result. We took first in class, Winner’s Dog, and Best Of Opposite Sex at our first show and took home a point! Videos to come!

Showing is hard work


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