Southwest Vacation: Back to WA

18 Sep

Tues and Wed were entirely spent at the BTCA National Specialty, which will have it’s own posts. After BOB on Thurs we bounced out and headed home. But not until after Isaac smeared gum on a car that had pulled waaay into our parking spot and probably bumped our bumper. Take that you crappy driver!

Sedona was beautiful, but again the clouds thwarted any efforts at photos. I was barely awake on the way down to Sedona, poor Isaac!

Marble Canyon, the first canyon with good weather! We hadn't realized we were driving through Navajo land until we got here.

"I'm an earthdog, what did you expect me to do?"

Sunset in Utah

My turn!

Idaho. Not much here. The people in Twin Falls were super rude too! But there was a pretty awesome park there. I don't think I care for Idaho.

Oregon, a side we'd never seen! We drove past Pendleton and decided we'd go to the rodeo there sometime.

By this point we were in WA and Wally was cycling through passed out and rowdy. I passed out at Ellensburg and didn't wake up until we got home. Isaac was seeing HWY monsters.

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