Southwest Vacation: Grand Canyon

18 Sep

Monday we checked out of our hotel in Vegas and made our way to the Grand Canyon. We were about 30 miles away when the radio announced it was monsoon season. Great! By the time we got to the canyon it was storming with thunder, lightening, and pouring rain.

One last iconic stop on the way out of Vegas!

Will you share da noms? No?! WHAT! I am the mighty dash monster, waiting to steal your pickles!

Wally was a shivering mess at this point, but after some romping he was his normal exploratory self.

That morning Isaac had deliberated over which shirt would be the best for hot weather, only to arrive and realize we were not prepared for cold rain!

Can't go to Arizona without drinking Arizona tea!

We made it to Prescott just in time for the Raiders game, which they won. Isaac was ecstatic and Wally was his new good luck charm.

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