Just throw it in the bag

15 Oct

Have you seen the new commercial for SmartCars? I’m talking about this one:

Instead of singing “Big, big, big — big-big-big-biiiig” I feel like it should be “stuff, stuff, stuff — stuff-stuff-stuff-stuuuuuuff”. I have lots of stuff. Nowhere near hoarder level stuff, but I have more stuff than I want. I keep things because I’m afraid that I’ll regret getting rid of them, so I have all kinds of nick knacks ranging from baby teeth (mine, Wally’s, Stella’s) to tiny shells to jeans I used to love but don’t fit into anymore. When I’m cleaning the house I have this habit of putting all my stuff into one of those reusable grocery bags, then leaving it somewhere in our bedroom until I get around to emptying it. The other night I noticed that bag and suddenly felt weighed down by all this STUFF.

People show their love through the giving of stuff, so it can be hard to get rid of such a gift even if you don’t want, need, or use it. In addition to this kind of stuff I have files of paper stuff. I find something interesting or useful online or in a magazine and make copies for future use. At one point I told myself I could keep pages torn out of magazines as long as I recycled the magazine. Now I have sheaves of paper that at one point I deemed important but in the ensuing years have never been looked at again. Or I looked at it during my annual “what can I toss?” streak and put it back saying to myself “oh yeah, that was a good article.” BUT I NEVER USE THE ARTICLE.

What I’m trying to get at is I have lots of unnecessary stuff and I want to get rid of it. I can’t help but feel as though unloading all this useless stuff would take a load off my shoulders and make life a little simpler. So I’m going to make it a goal to get rid of a few things a week, even if it’s just a couple pieces of paper.

Now I just have to convince Isaac that it’s lunacy to keep every spare car part he ever laid his paws on, parts for cars he doesn’t even own anymore. Or magazines he hasn’t read since he got them 7 years ago. Or clothes that never see the light of day (literally, he piles them on a table in the basement). Pick your battles Cassie, pick your battles…

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