Hemming and hawing

20 Oct

I’m trying to convince myself that joining the YMCA in Silverdale is a good idea, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it.

Here’s my schpeel…

  1. They have bazillions of classes: Zumba, kickboxing, ballet, Iaido, river fitness, and more.
  2. They have an indoor track! This is the single most wonderful thing in the world, and the thing I loved most about WSU’s gym. Treadmills are boring, outside is intimidating (or in Pullman, frozen), but the indoor track is the best of both worlds
  3. They have a pool. I actually don’t like swimming but I would like to try my hand at a triathlon someday and that requires being in water. I also don’t love biking, so I’m swallowing quit e the bitter pill with this dream. On the other hand they have classes in the pool, so maybe I would grow to love it? Mostly I hate swimsuits because I’m not Adriana Lima.
    Adriana Lima Wallpaper Thong
  4. They have a rock climbing wall. I’ve done this a couple times, both on a wall and on a real rock at the Gorge. I feel like I would be a fundamentally cooler person if I got into this sport.
  5. They have a program called Active Track (or something like that) where a computer makes you a personalized workout plan geared toward your fitness goal. Kind of like a personal trainer, only without one. I like this idea since my experience with personal trainers was disappointing (altho I loved the guy as a person).
  6. They also have a 12 week program that sounds like it’s essentially personal training, but it’s free.
  7. It’s actually affordable, and it’s month-to-month. I’m leery of signing any gym contracts after my last gym experience. Basically I paid for a year and got about 3 months worth of value out of it (ahem..because I’m lazy). Plus you can put your membership on hold for up to 3 months! So if I suddenly find myself not going to the gym I can just put it on hold instead of paying out the wazoo for it. Awesomeness.
  8. Tons of people go there so I’m bound to meet new people. I’m also bound to see people I don’t like, but c’est la vie. Crappy people do not outweigh benefits 1-7 and I need more friends who live in town. Poor Sandi must think I’m super needy since most of my other friends live in various parts of the country!
  9. If I actually commit to this whole gym and working out thing I’m bound to develop a super hot bod. Kind of like Shakira or JLo, but without big boobs.
  10. They open at 4:45am (OGG!) and close at 9pm every weekday. If I can get my lazy ass out of bed that early they will welcome me with boot camp, kickboxing, cycling, sculpt, yoga, or water fitness. Normally I find people who workout in the AM to be distasteful (they make me look bad) but if I can become one of them I would suddenly be someone people love to hate. And aside from the egotistical benefits, I wouldn’t be able to excuse myself from afternoon workouts because I decided I was too [insert excuse here].
  11. Since the weather is cooler these days I can leave Wally in the car while I workout, then take him for a walk when I’m done. Now that I think about it, going for evening walks in Silverdale rather than in Bremerton significantly decreases my chances of being assaulted by crazy people. That’s never happened, but West Bremerton is the ghetto of Kitsap County and living there stresses me out. It makes me want a bigger dog with some shred of guarding instinct.

What’s holding me back? I suppose it’s the commitment. Paying for the joining and monthly fees means I have an obligation to go to the gym. That’s not necessarily bad, but I really wish I could gradually get a hot bod without the commitment of working out. Can’t those brilliant scientists invent a pill already? They’ve apparently turned cantaloupe into a miracle face cream, and since your face is only a small portion of your body I think their priorities are in the wrong place.

On the other hand I’m inspired by people like Beth and Sandra. And I know for a fact that I have no legitimate excuse not to go. I can afford it, I have the time, and the value is there. I even have an out with the ability to put the membership on hold! OK, I think I’ve convinced myself. Pending the results of our tour this afternoon, I’m in.


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2 responses to “Hemming and hawing

  1. John Walters

    October 20, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    I don’t know who Adriana Lima is but I think I’m in love.

    • Cassafrass

      October 20, 2011 at 8:43 pm

      Victoria’s Secret model, that says it all :)

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