A couple weeks in the life, Pt I

22 Oct

Some bloggers have this magical ability to write about their day every day, as soon as it happens. How the heck do they do that? Sometimes an entire week goes by without me turning on my laptop, I just check email from my phone. And really, who wants to try to be witty and readable when it’s 8pm and you still need to clean up the kitchen? Or file the police report about your almost stolen car? Oh yeah, I had an exciting last two weeks and I’m going to post about it for the next several days.

For a while my mom had been urging me to call Hernandez Landscaping about finishing our retaining wall. She was so happy with the price and quality of their work that she had become “word of mouth”. The wall is a project Isaac started over a year ago, but between injuries, surgery, and weather it just never got finished. The problem is that without the wall we can’t build a fence, and without a fence Wally has to be on leash at all times. Boooooring.

So I called Hernandez on Saturday afternoon and they just happened to be nearby. After looking at the wall and mulling over the fact that we would provide materials, they gave us a fantastic quote! Come mid Nov we’ll have a retaining wall, finally! That means I can finally finish all the yard projects I’ve had on my list. Obviously build a fence, but also regrade the yard, plant new grass, landscape, etc. I have big plans for our small yard, plans that until now have been thwarted by that stinkin’ wall. But no longer!

A gravity-type stone retaining wall

Not our wall, but let's pretend (Image via Wikipedia)

Inspired by the prospect of a finished wall, on Sunday my mom and I checked out plant nurseries. At Clear Creek we determined that I could, in fact, plant thuja and that it would grow along the fence-line between our driveway and the crazy neighbor’s muddy backyard. I’d gotten it into my head that thuja needed full sun, which is basically non-existent in our yard. The bad thing about CC is that their plants are overpriced and often not very good quality, so I made a mental note of their $40 trees with lots of brown spots. My mom suggested we go to Home Depot, and thank god we did. There I discovered that 4ft thuja trees were only $9.97 each!

Since the tabs on the truck have been expired since July (don’t look at me, it’s Isaac’s truck!) I asked my friend Sandi to help me pick up the trees on Tues. That worked out better anyway since it would give me more time to dig up a trench. On Sunday night I went to bed excited about the prospect of lovely green trees replacing a view of dirt and barking Dobermans.

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