A couple weeks in the life, Pt II

23 Oct

If I thought retaining walls and thuja trees were exciting, I was really in for a thrill ride come Monday morning!

What happened, you wonder? Well! Someone attempted to steal my car during the wee hours of the morning. Luckily (sort of) I forgot to lock my car, so they didn’t break anything to get in. On the other hand they probably wouldn’t have bothered if it had been locked. Now I’m ultra paranoid and go check the locks before bed every night.

Like every weekday I walked out to my car and disarmed it. Or I thought I had disarmed it, but apparently it makes the same noise whether it’s locked or not. I opened the door to see both seats back as far and as low as they would go, stuff pulled out of every crevice. Initially I thought Isaac had been a jackass and rummaged through my car, leaving it in disarray. It didn’t occur to me that someone had tried to steal my car (this is my first year living in the ‘hood).

After determining that Isaac hadn’t been a twit, we decided the would-be thefts were idiots because apparently because they thought I was a moron who left my spare key inside the car. Little did they know I don’t have a spare key, so ha! All your searching was for naught!

Until I walked to the passenger side I kept wondering why they hadn’t stolen the stereo (not like I was complaining), but then I saw that someone had gently ripped apart the ignition in an attempt to steal my whole car. I say gently because they only managed to pull out the plastic and metal rings surrounding the keyhole, probably with the vise grips they stole from my trunk. They also stole my Maui Jim shades, which isn’t so heart wrenching since those always fogged up when I ran in them. The vise grips are a bit heart wrenching since my late friend Wayne Denton had given them to me.

For the first time in my life I called 911 and was directed to fill out an online report. Apparently attempted car theft doesn’t warrant a visit from the po-leese. My first experience with the criminal justice system? Fail.

On Monday afternoon, being angry about the attempted theft but still inspired by the wall, I took a half -day and dug a 12ft long by 18″ deep trench for the trees (I later discovered that I had dug about 10″ too deep and ended up adding dirt when I actually planted the trees). Nothing like physical labor for anger management! Wally loved the trench and had a blast racing around, banking off the sides like it was a track. Every few laps he would stop to dig, moving backwards from one end to the other. According to Sandi, because I actually encourage Wally to dig I’m the only dog owner she’s ever met who lets their dog truly be a dog. Heck yeah!

On Tuesday afternoon Sandi and I picked up 22 trees, and even though it was dark I proceeded to plant 3 or 4 of them. I couldn’t wait, especially since the crazy neighbor had been cackling away about how I was digging a moat. I tell you, she’s insane! I planted a total of 12 by that evening and woke up the next day with sore everything. Thankfully I was able to fit in a chiropractor visit on Thurs and had a massage scheduled for Friday. I needed both!

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