A couple weeks in the life, Pt III

24 Oct

Finally it was the weekend, and I needed it! Saturday morning Sandi and I got up early and caught a ferry to Seattle for a canning seminar. Little did we (or our phone GPS) know that there was a parade going on and we weren’t allowed to turn right for a mile. For two people who are largely unfamiliar with Seattle streets, it quickly became an adventure! After driving past Key Arena and PNB we finally found the place, half an hour early. What kind of Washingtonians would we be if we didn’t use that extra 30min to get coffee? That’s exactly what we did, walking three blocks down to Uptown Espresso (I would rate it as so-so).

The canning class was fun for us — but probably obnoxious for the instructor — since we made private jokes and teased each other the whole time. Nonetheless we did learn how canning was invented and what we could can without a pressure cooker (jams, pickles, tomato products). I also discovered that having a glass top stove is a handicap for canning since the pot can only be as big as the burner. I lose. The store was crazy overpriced on just about everything ($7 for a painted rock?!) so we each picked up a canning book and a box of canning tools, then headed to Westlake for a little shopping.

Parking in the worlds tiniest parking garage was quite the adventure (I narrate while I drive, it’s very entertaining) and after finding nothing amazing at Banana or Loft, I hit the jackpot at Anthropologie. My mom had given me her unused gift card for the store but hadn’t told me how much was on it, so of course I went up to the counter to check. I had to hide my shock when the woman told me I was the proud owner of a $107 gift card! Obviously I had to shop. I love some of the clothes and all of the housewares at Anthropologie, but the store is crazy expensive so I almost never shop there. This was like an early Christmas!

Finding nothing downstairs we headed upstairs to look for something I could show in. Yes, sadly, my wardrobe now consists of “show clothes” and “non-show clothes”. I had decided to either buy khaki pants or a nice dress/skirt, and when I caught sight of a green plaid dress I just had to have it. It was perfect: the right length, a good color, and not too flashy. My dreams were quickly dashed against the rocks of reality when I discovered they only had dresses in the next size down from what I normally wear. Ever the optimist, I decided to give it a shot anyways, dresses can be funny like that. Good thing I did since it fit like a glove! I even knelt down and stacked an invisible Wally to make sure it was covering everything it needed to. Thanks to the gift card I only paid for a third of the normal price! Course, now I need a cardigan and some shoes to go with it, maybe even a cute headband. What, you thought all a woman needs is a dress? Psh, it’s all about the accessories!

High on the success of my hunt, I bought cupcakes at Bella Bella on the way home, then convinced Isaac that we should have an early dinner at Blazing Onion (I’d had breakfast at 7am and no lunch). Combine the fun I always have with Sandi, bright sunshine, delicious cupcakes, and a brand new dress? That’s an awesome day right there.

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