What I Love About Wally #3: He sleeps in

24 Oct

Being super adorable when my alarm goes off is only the beginning of Wally’s morning routine. When I finally do slide out from under him he remains on his back, floppy-legged with his head thrown to one side and refusing to wake up. After gathering my things I try to force him awake by patting him or sliding him toward the edge of the bed. Nothing works — he remains stubbornly “asleep”. Of course this whole time I’m laughing quietly, trying not to wake Isaac.

Finally I have to pick Wally up and carry him downstairs with me. I learned that if I set him down at the top of the stairs he’ll just sit there and watch me go down. Stairs in the AM? Too much work! The moment I set him on the bathroom floor he flops down on the bathmat and watches blearily as I turn on the bathroom lights. The bleary look remains as we go out for his morning pee, but quickly vanishes when breakfast appears. Something about cold, wet grass and the prospect of food has a reviving effect on him!

Wally isn't one of those dogs who wakes you up at 6am on a Saturday. He's more likely to stay in bed if I'm silly enough to get up that early.

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