A couple weeks in the life, Pt IV

25 Oct

Sunday was a bit of a let down since Saturday had been so awesome, but the good news was that I finally had the time to finish planting my trees. One minute I’m totally focused on pick-axing the dirt so I can shovel it into the truck, the next I’m puzzled as I reach the end of the flower bed. One after the other I plopped the trees into their spots, adding some chicken manure and shoveling dirt back in around them.

The neighbors yard as viewed from our back door, and the reason I planted 26 trees. I still need something for this section, can't plant trees here.

By the time I got the remaining ten in place it was obvious I’d planted closer than originally planned, and I needed four more trees. Although the truck wasn’t driveable because of the expired tabs we do have Isaac’s ’71 Datsun 510 wagon, a car that someday he’ll probably claim is too nice for putting dirt into. Yeah, right. You mean the car that leaks gas, didn’t have a muffler, and had a radio that changed stations every time you went over a bump? Even in it’s current state he meticulously cleaned out all the dirt and grumbled about it the whole time.

Needless to say we bought four more trees and I rushed to plant them, completing the conga line with plenty of light left to admire my handiwork. There’s nothing like physical labor to make you feel good about yourself.

My trees!

I almost forgot to mention this, but planting these trees was actually kind of spooky. First there was the plastic bag I dug up on Monday, about 6ft into the 12ft long trench that I dug. Initially it was no biggie since there were lots of small pieces of junk in the dirt, but then it got creepy when I realized it was an entire garbage bag with a blanket inside it. Suddenly my mind was racing with all the horrible possibilities. What if it’s a dead dog? That would be gross. It stinks. What if it’s a dead baby? I already called the cops once today, if I call them again they’ll think I’m suspicious! [mental pause] I think I watch too much Criminal Minds.

By then I was too creeped out to proceed so I made Isaac come outside and extract it with gloved hands. He thought it was a dead dog based on how the remains felt through the blanket (no way we were opening it), plus there was a dog bowl and yard chain in the bag. If it was a baby then whoever buried it must have been one sick bastard. Maybe it was like the episode of X-Files where the super inbred family had a massively deformed stillborn baby and they bury it in the backyard.

The second weird thing was the dead opossum in the back of the truck. Or, I should say, half of an opossum. Out of nowhere, possibly literally fallen from the sky, was the back half of a baby opossum sitting in the dirt. We have no idea where it came from or how it got there, but it was pretty strange. Do raccoons eat opossums? Isaac thought a fox might be the culprit, but foxes don’t normally live in urban areas and we’ve never seen one. I think a giant crow dropped it in there.

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