WILAW #4: New meaning for “Air Bud”

31 Oct

No, humping isn’t a good habit and we don’t encourage it. But Wally has reached the age where testosterone is handling more of his life decisions, almost like a ghost in the machine, and sometimes it’s flat out hilarious!

Most evenings Isaac and I will be sitting on the futon while Wally plays with his toys on the floor. Since Wally loves to chew things on top of our shoes he often ends up in a position where he’s straddling one of our feet, although probably not actually touching it. This is where Mr T takes over and, while Wally happily chews his toy, suddenly his body starts moving and– wait a minute? Is he humping?! But he’s still chewing and hasn’t changed position, only now his hips are doing the hokey pokey. Sometimes he even looks around as if to say “I don’t know why I’m doing this!!”

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