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In Canada Marion kept telling me that I needed to start thinking about getting some show outfits. This caused me to look down at myself and wonder, “I thought I was wearing show clothes….what the heck am I wearing then?!” But then I realized that what she really meant was that I need to look more like the handlers in group, the pros, since that’s where Wally and I will be headed. And the female pros wear skirt suits. This was disappointing to accept since I don’t want anything to do with a skirt while in the ring. I have enough to worry about without throwing a skirt into the equation! Remember the time I mentioned Brittany flashing her girly parts to the paparazzi? I’ve seen this happen in the ring and I don’t want to be one of those people showing off their panties.

Having passed through denial (they don’t all wear skirts), anger (why do I have to wear a skirt!), and resignation (le sigh), I decided that I will pick up 2-3 skirts before Puyallup in Jan. This gives me plenty of time to shop around and find something that doesn’t look like a granny dress or an 80’s flashback; the rare kind of skirt suit that’s actually flattering and modern. I’ve been told that such rare beasts do exist; hopefully they don’t cost one meeellion dollars.

After coming to this conclusion I decided to do a little research. It’s pretty obvious what NOT to wear in the ring but it’s less obvious what will be most flattering to your dog. In the end what I wear is really all about making Wally look good, which is probably why most women end up wearing the 80’s flashback suits: they don’t care what they look like. But I’m more vain than that, I want to look good. Shoot, I want to look awesome! No matter how objective a judge is they’re always going to be human, which means they will always subconsciously like the more attractive person better than the less attractive person. Studies show this to be true and I’m all about using science to my advantage.

So I did the only logical thing: I scoured the interwebs and analyzed win photos of BT’s to see what works and what doesn’t. I also watched Group videos of Westminster to see what the pros are wearing. Then I compiled all of those pics into a PDF where I made notes to myself  about what I liked or didn’t like, and what I should do.

All that done, I finally searched for some suitable outfits. I liked this one, but then realized it had a weird zipper above the pocket. I need pockets, but not zippers. I sorta liked this one, but it has 3/4 sleeves. I liked this one but decided no since it was black and the collar is a little weird. This one made the short list but I decided to get it a little later (or not at all if I find a better one).

What did I end up with? So glad you asked! :D

Lovely dress from White House | Black Market

Charcoal plaid suit from Macy's

I also went to Harrison’s Footwear in Poulsbo, only the best shoe store ever. My feet are an 8D, which means that going to normal shoe stores is a nightmare. These guys carry mainly European brands that come in wider widths, which means I can buy shoes that are both cute and comfortable!

These will be my show ring shoes: cute with a skirt and stable

I may never wear these in the ring, but they're so awesome I had to share!

I wouldn’t say I’m all set, I do think I want one more suit before Portland (it’s a 5 day show), but I am well covered for Vancouver!

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  1. John Walters

    November 9, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    I don’t think that clothes should make the man or dog but they may have an influence. But I think these are pretty good choices. Wear tartans underneath :)

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