Oh Canada…

07 Nov

Thankfully I didn’t have high expectations for the LMDF show in Canada last weekend because they would have been dashed! Dunkin, Wally’s AKC GCH uncle, was competing for CKC points so I didn’t think we’d win any points, but I had hoped we would make it into the puppy groups. [They had puppy groups and puppy BIS in addition to regular groups and BIS.] Unfortunately we didn’t, wa-wa-waaaaa. Even so we got more ring time and experience, which is always good!

We did a good job in the ring!

Saturday we were thisclose to getting Reserve Winners Dog but lost it in a puzzling turn of events.The judge had given Dunkin WD with Wally in second and Charlotte’s dog in third. With the Open dog (Dunkin) out of the lineup they brought in the second place open dog to compete for RWD. Since Wally had initially been second you would have assumed that Wally would be RWD. But instead of giving Wally RWD he gave it to Charlotte, which was kind of annoying. Not that RWD means anything but it’s better than nothing! Oh well. The cool thing about Sat was that Sandi and Coal got BOB in the Flat Coat ring! She got to take him into group and be on TV, it was all very exciting. :)

Sunday was more of the same for me and Wally, and Coal got WD/BOW. So Coal came away with 4pt, Dunkin came away with a new CKC CH, and Harley got Best Veteran every day but Sun (when he didn’t compete; he would have gotten BOB on Sat but the judge didn’t know he could give it to a Vet). I don’t know if Jazzy got any points. The nice thing about Canada is you only need 10pt with one 2pt “major” to get a CH. The major isn’t like an AKC major, it just means that you actually beat a dog. In Canada you can get 1pt even if you’re the only dog in the ring! If Sandi had been there all 4 days she probably could have finished Coal, and she’s going back up in Dec.

What did I think of a Canadian dog show? The dogs are WAY different! We knew going up that they like bigger dogs, but I hadn’t considered what that really meant. It means that they like everything to be bigger with more bone. This translated into many dogs that I considered too big and very coarse with no refinement. They also put a lot less priority on coat, so coated breeds had less coat and were not as groomed as US dogs of the same breed. All this meant that Wally was at a disadvantage, being a male puppy who hasn’t grown into his big boy head. It didn’t help that our judges were mostly European, where they also like big, coarser dogs. Overall I didn’t like most of the Sporting, Working, and Herding breeds I saw, or the Bulldogs. The Toys and Terriers were a lot like American dogs and I didn’t see many hounds. I did fall in love with a stunning Alaskan Malamute, charming Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and handsome Weimeraner. Every time I saw that Mal I swooned!



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2 responses to “Oh Canada…

  1. Larisa Hotchin

    May 31, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    For clarification, to get 1 point in Canada (CKC) you NEED to defeat 1 other dog. If you are the ONLY dog in the ring, you do not get any points. To get 2 points, you need to defeat 2 dogs (ie. have 3 in the BOB ring). Not sure where you got the idea that you got 1 point in Canada by not defeating any other dog. It’s just not true and never has been.

    • Cassafrass

      May 31, 2013 at 1:44 pm

      I probably just misunderstood the explanation I was given, which was probably from an American!

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