WILAW #5: Napoleon syndrome

07 Nov

Wally thinks he’s a big man. Part of that’s being a terrier and part of it’s just being Wally; I did a really good job of developing his self-confidence. Sometimes I think a little too good…

Many small dogs are intimidated by larger dogs. Heck, even some big dogs are intimidated! I remember when Stella, about 65lb at the time, met Egbert, a growing Mastiff of 180lb. I’ll never forget the terrified look on her face when confronted by such a behemoth! Wally has already played with two different Mastiffs and was completely unperturbed by the whole thing. He just zoomed around them in circles, play bowing until their reticence caved and they couldn’t resist him. It’s hilariously adorable to watch a 16lb fiend play with a 200lb oaf.

Wally seems to love playing with big dogs, maybe because they’re able to withstand his beatings. The only small dogs that can hold their own are other terriers, but unfortunately we don’t meet a lot of friendly ones. His best friend in the whole wide world is Coal, an 85lb Flat-Coated Retriever with the patience of a saint. Even Coal has to throw in the towel sometimes, Wally is just too much!


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