High hopes, low expectations

09 Nov
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Every time I go to a dog show I remind myself of the above mantra. For me it does two things. First, it allows me to dream. It’s OK to entertain what-ifs because those are hopes, and they can be as lofty as I want! What if Wally won BOB against specials? What if we got a placement in Group? What if by some miracle we got BIS? Hey, it could happen. These are the things that motivate me, the possibility of something totally unexpected and amazing.

Which brings me to the second half: low expectations. Going in with low expectations means that I won’t be disappointed. Of course I expect for us to do a good job in the ring, but I don’t expect us to win every single time. On any given day we could lose or we could win. It’s totally unpredictable.

I think this philosophy is what keeps me from being too wound up or invested in the win. My whole agenda is to go in there and have fun, and especially for Wally to have fun. If Wally suddenly (and inexplicably) hated showing then we would stop, but as long as we’re having fun it’s a win in my book.

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