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20 Nov

After a few minutes of —-stewing—- pondering, I’ve come to the conclusion that every job has an invisible scale that weighs out the people you work with.

First you have the people that add value to your job. This is the co-worker you like to hang out with and talk to about your weekend. You go out for coffee or beers and maybe the occasional shopping trip or BBQ. Basically they’re your friend and you’re just lucky enough to work with them.

Then you have the people who take away value from your job. This is the person you can’t trust and who is always trying to undermine you or your work as they play power games. They frustrate you and make your job harder because they can’t or won’t do their own job well. This is the person you actively dislike working with.

Finally, there are the neutral people. These people might annoy you occasionally but for the most part you’re friendly. You wouldn’t shop for bras with them but you wouldn’t do a happy dance if they left the company, either. These people usually make up the bulk of your co-workers.

I no longer have a value-adding co-worker, but I have the others. It makes me grumpy when I realize the scale is frequently weighted on the side of suck.

P.S. I got a new phone and it’s awesome!

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