25 Nov

You know this blog would be remiss without a Thanksgiving post enumerating all the things I’m thankful for. (Totally OT: college football players are so little compared to NFL! It’s cute.) So here we go!

Things I’m thankful for:

1. My grandma’s. Oma might be a crotchety old grump most of the time, but she’s been around for nearly a century. She is a great example of overcoming great obstacles (like being a German ex-patriot in WWII) and appreciating your own history. Grandma Willie is a firecracker, driving to dances almost every night in her convertible Mustang. I love her zest for life and great sense of humor.

2. My mom. She’s always there for me and always willing to listen. And I always know that, even when I don’t like her approach, she wants only the best for me. In a world of unknowns, I always know she will be there. When I’m feeling insecureĀ  I can always count on her to think I’m funny, smart, and beautiful.

3. Isaac. He’s all the things I’m not and helps me be all the things I want to be. Sometimes we annoy the hell out of each other, but always we realize that there’s no other person in the world we would rather be with. We balance each other out and fill in the gaps.

4. My best friend. I’m so incredibly proud of her pursuits in the military. She’s also been so courageous about her deployment, always maintaining her sense of humor and sunny attitude.

5. All my other friends, new and old. Without these people I would be lonely and sad, not mention have way less awesomeness in my life! I love spending time with them. :)

6. Wally! Not only is he the fulfillment of many lifelong dreams, he’s brought so many amazing people into my life. And he makes me happy with his fuzzy little face and happy-go-lucky personality.


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