Wally’s first Christmas

31 Dec

Prepare to be blitzed! I’ve been meaning to post a Christmas update, then the show win pic, and now I have to go on about my session with Cathy Soule. So you’ll see at least three posts today, possibly four if I do anything for New Years with Wally (so far we’re thinking sleep is a good idea, but we live by the seat of our pants sometimes).

First things first, a long overdue Christmas post! Wally had a fabulous first Christmas and got all kinds of goodies…

Guess I'll play with this boring old rope while I wait for present opening time... (Wally lies, he LOVES this rope)


YES! Mom and Dad gave me a giant rodent! (he actually opened this one)


Is this what I think it is?


OH EM GEE!! Better snag one and run away before you guys steal them all


Grandma thought this would keep me busy, but I figured it out in about 5min (it's a Dog Tornado)


Oooh, Santa brought me a stocking too! It's cause I'm so cute, obviously. I would have never made it on the 'good' list otherwise


C'mon Oma, play tug with me! Finally a human who I can beat at tug! (not like it has anything to do with her being almost 97 years old, geez Wally)


Now I'm officially done with Christmas


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