LBD’s new award system

01 Jan

Over at Labeley you can make your own custom beer labels for free, but who says they have to be beer labels? Why not digital odes to the awesomeness of Wally? See right there, that’s thinking outside the box yo. I’ll probably put these on his Titles page

Oh yes, today I realized that we have 2 weeks until the biggest shows of our lives. GULP. How the heck did it come on so fast? Two weeks?! Today we worked on gaiting, stopping, stacking, and the exam. Wally did fabulous even though we did it all outside in the driveway with squirrels and people walking by. Now to repeat that for the next 14 days. We also went to the BHS track and walked a mile. Well, I walked a mile. Wally basically sprinted 3/4 of a mile and walked 1/4. He also played in the sand piles, so now he’s totally pooped out on the futon. So much for our obedience training session!

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