Conditioning Pt 4 – Wally’s Workout

02 Jan

So…realistically this is unlikely to happen per the schedule, I’m just not that good at those kinds of things. I consider it a major accomplishment that I go to the gym on Wed and Fri every week! But this is the goal and if I even achieve 80% of this goal I’ll be happy.

Too handsome for his own good

On Jan 14 we’re going to the 3-day show in Puyallup, which is immediately followed by the 5-day cluster in Portland, so from the time I originally came up with this (Dec 19) we have about 1 month to fine tune the Wally machine. He’s already in excellent shape so this is more about maintaining and finishing than about laying the groundwork. At this point I’m most concerned about a good strong gaiting trot and excellent muscle definition, so my focus is mainly on endurance and strength. Since I already have balance discs I might do some of that, but it’s not a real priority. [I can just see Wayne shaking his head and muttering about how all I need to do is walk him.]

Daily: strong forward gaiting movement, 20min

Daily: tug games
2-3 days a week: jog intervals, 15sec on / 45sec off, 15min total
2-3 days a week: chase the fox tail, 5-10min
Whenever: balance discs

Coming soon: using gymnastics to improve gait



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