Don’t worry, I’m not overconfident

08 Jan

Only 5 more days until Puyallup, eek! Sometimes I forget it’s just around the corner but then I re-remember and have to remind myself that it’s gonna be ooooo-kkkkkkk. In my mind Puyallup and Portland get lumped together since there’s only a 1 day break between them, so it’s more like an eight day extravaganza. Which is HUGE! I’ve shown against professional handlers before but this will be a whole ‘nother level. We’re talking about Cali handlers coming up with their strings and Top 10 dogs making an appearance.

That said, I of course think we’re going to win at least twice and finish our CH. Wally is a stunner and I’m not half bad (actually I think I’m pretty good for an amateur, thanks to my mentors), so if any amateur team can beat the pros it’s us! Don’t worry, I know we might lose. But there’s no fun in planning to lose, is there? Heck no, we’re gonna finish our CH from the puppy class with an amateur handler and get an invite to Eukanuba 2012! BOOYAH!

Also, I like handling against handlers. It’s more challenging and thus more gratifying when I beat them. ;-)

Wally had a fabulous weekend and got to go to Evergreen Park twice, where he chased ducks yesterday (that’s not illegal, is it?) and walked the downtown today. We had to have Samudra coffee and noms both days, which worked in his favor. I kid you not, Samudra has the best coffee, tea, and baked goods in the county! And most of the food is gluten free and/or vegan, so if you have any diet restrictions it’s not only compatible but even more delicious than SBUX!

The pic above is from yesterday when he chased the ducks, which is the only reason he enters water: there might be something worth chasing in there. Last time it was a mostly submerged log that looked suspiciously like a chase-able creature and got Wally to go in belly deep. Yesterday we also went to Lowe’s and Home Depot, where we practiced our free stacking and Wally said hi to an old guy. Oh, and some dude at AutoZone asked if he was a Heeler. Add that right alongside Pit Bull and Border Collie x Terrier. I know most people have never seen a BT, but a Heeler? Coloring aside, I guess I could see it. Makes a LOT more sense than a Pit Bull.

Today we went over to Marion and Wayne’s for some grooming and handling practice. Wally looks like a total stud now, and his butt hair is about an inch shorter. He has such a cute little butt! Only when it’s short tho. When it’s long and hairy it’s just not the same. Marion and I talked about specialing Wally (another word for campaigning), which he is a perfect fit for. Structure? Check. Movement? Check. Personality? Check plus!

I want to handle him myself, of course, but once you move into specials it becomes more about politics. If they don’t know your face you probably won’t be put up. Yes, it sucks and unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast. Wayne will do most of Wally’s specialing but I’ll constantly be around, getting my face associated with Wayne (who is recognized) and Wally (who will kick ass). By the time Wally retires as the #1 dog of written history on the planet Earth I’ll be able to do some specials handling with my next dog, who will also be owner-handled to her CH title. That’s right, her. Wally’s gonna get a girlfriend someday!

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