Gymnastics Pt 3 – Let’s do it already!

16 Jan

So you have your poles (and maybe cavalletti too), but what do you do with them? You lay them on the ground and trot over them! But not just any which way. Now you have to figure out your dog’s stride length. In a trot, this is the distance from the leading front foot to the trailing back foot, the longest distance from toes to toes. You could have your dog trot through a puddle and measure the distance. This would probably be better than guessing, but we’re not trying to be rocket scientists. After all, we’re standing in the yard with our dog and making him run over poles.

Here’s a basic setup to get the ball rolling. Really you could just use these four variations indefinitely, adding in cavalletti if you wanted.

Now an example of a setup requiring various numbers of strides between obstacles. An oxer is a wide jump, but for us it’s just two poles placed close enough that the dog will jump them rather than trot through them.

Just hypothesizing, it seems that using multiple strides between poles would be a good way to fade poles out and help the dog gait properly without the assistance of a single stride pole. Anyway, there you have it! Now you can perfect your dog’s trot. I also plan to use gymnastics when Wally and I start doing agility, it’s a totally natural progression in my mind.

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