Finally something to brag about!

19 Jan

The last few days have been a roller coaster ride! On Sat, Sun, and Mon we were in Puyallup then yesterday was day one of Portland, and it was just depressing. RWD on Sat, Mon, and Wed and nothing to speak of on Sun. I heard a lot of compliments from judges but no follow thru in the form of points. Frustrating! Over and over it was the same thing: beautiful dog with a magnificent headpiece but he needs more maturity. Much as I love hearing how great my dog is, it’s so frustrating that they think it but won’t act in it.

Today was a welcome change from the drudgery of losing four days in a row. We took WD, which was only one point, but then we took BOW and got the three point major of the girls. We got our second major, that is a huge relief! Plus I took the BOW over a professionally handled bitch! That may gave been luck, but I’ll at least tell myself it was skill. ;) Now that we have both majors we can relax and coast. With any luck we’ll finish this weekend but if not I’ll still walk away happy.


Checking out the Poodles next door

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